Milk Bath Shoot

Last week I had the most amazing time with two wonderfully creative artists – Photographer, Craig English & MUA Kerri Nash.  Craig wanted to experiment with a “Milk Bath” setting for a shoot & I was only too happy to get involved!

Yes, the bath was filled with milk!  Around half milk, half water with milk powder.  It was a strange feeling stepping into a bath full of cows’s milk, especially since I don’t consume dairy!  I found the shots where my face was half-submerged quite challenging, as the milk did burn the back of my throat when I accidentally breathed it in, which was difficult to avoid.  With challenge comes satisfaction, and this shoot was a success!

I had absolute ball on this sproject & can’t wait to see the final edits.  Be sure to check my gallery page soon!  In the mean time, here are some behind the scenes, snapped by Kerri.

J x