“It’s Not You. It’s Bree.” Season finale airs tonight!

Tonight, the final episode of “It’s Not You. It’s Bree.” airs on Channel 31.

I had such a blast working on this independent production & learnt so much.  I made some wonderful friends along the way too & look forward to working with the crew again somewhere down the track.  Thanks to our wonderful director, Shane Dunlop, for believing in me & taking me along for the ride.  Shane, you are such a funny, talented guy & I can see you going far in this industry.

I heard a rumour that INYIB has been picked up by a Foxtel channel for 2013 so stay tuned.  As for a 2nd series?  There has been talk of a spin off… but for now Shane is working on his next local production for Channel 31, Leongatha, with a great cast line-up, including a guest role by one of my favourite comedians, Bob Franklin, so keep a look out for that!

I hope you enjoy tonight’s episode & you can catch all 6 full episodes on YouTube after tonight.


J x