Daimonion – short film by Naomi Karpati

The past few weeks I have been working on my most exciting & rewarding role in a production to date.  Daimonion is a short film written & directed by Naomi Karpati, an award-wining action actress & one of my physical & spiritual mentors.

I have been training with Naomi for about 6 months now.  Naomi is a fantastic martial artist & action-actress & has helped me immensely in my action/fight training for film.  The skills she has taught me & the way she has helped me open my eyes to many possibilities, both physical & emotional, has been an absolute blessing at such a turning point in my life.

Naomi asked me to join her in Indonesia to play the lead character in her film & I was honoured to say the least.  It all happened so quickly, I barely had time to think about just how cool this opportunity was!  Only a few weeks later, on my birthday, I boarded a plane to Indonesia & we began filming straight away.  For 2 weeks non-stop, we visited some amazing places & captured some amazing footage for the film.

While we were there, I had the honour of interviewing Guru of Silat Bakti Negara, Gusman Wiranata, who was also Fight Choreographer for Daimonion.  Naomi was making a documentary on Gusman & his history with the art & it was a fantastic experience to study with him & get to know him as a person.  I can’t wait to go back & train with him agin in the future!

Working on this film so far has been life-changing.  I have seen myself open up as an actor in ways I never knew.  It has been such an incredible journey & I thank Naomi for believing in me & giving me this chance of a lifetime.  I can’t wait to see where to from here!

I didn’t have much time to write while we were away filming, but Naomi has a great daily diary of our adventures on her blog, read it here

Here are some behind the scenes shots of our time in Indonesia – stay tuned for some updates when we film the Australian scenes soon!

J x