Presenting with a twist for the Luxury Series

I had a fantastic time shooting the next edition of the Luxury Series with Karpati Productions a few weeks back.  For this palatial residence in Sovereign Island, we chose a different angle for the showcasing of the property – a dream sequence of the “perfect home”.

One of the highlights was being chauffeur-driven by award-winning photographer, Shane Monopoli in one of his gorgeous classic cars – a limited edition 1958 Convertible Buick Limited.  There were only 86 ever made in the USA and this was the only one in Australia and one of about 10 left in the world.  Fancy hiring it for yourself?  Check it out here

Working with Karpati Productions is always so satisfying. Naomi has such a fantastic vision & I really enjoy helping her tell her story, whether it be for film or for a presentation like this one.

Follow us as we take you on a journey into decadence…