4 Day Workshop with the Australian Stunt Academy

It’s always been a dream of mine to expand my skills as an actor & learn the ropes as a Stunt Performer.  I had been thinking about it for years! I still remember meeting my first Stuntie & being in absolute awe of what they did.  I went straight home & googled the hell out of it & I found the “Australian Stunt Academy” in the Gold Coast, run by Colin Handley.  It had been going since 1993 & was the obvious choice for any aspiring stuntman to attend.  I had so much going on back then, and I thought, no way, I couldn’t do that, that’s crazy!  But it had always stuck in the back of my mind…

You could imagine my excitement when I heard the ASA was coming to the Whitsundays in January for a workshop with the Whitsunday Film, Music & Theatrical Society!  I signed up as quickly as I could & counted the days down until I got to meet the legend himself & learn all about what it takes to be a Stunt Performer.

Meeting Col was so cool – he was this larger than life character, a huge guy that looked like he literally stepped off a Hollywood set, he just has that look about him. He was the most kind, gentle giant & so humble.  I had the time of my life over those 4 days, learning everything from basic fight choreography to sword work, high falls, wirework, abseiling & of course when they wanted to set someone on fire I was the first to beg for it to be me!

Much to my delight I was set alight & it was the most thrilling, scary & unusual thing I have ever experienced.  Needless to say, it wasn’t only my body that was set alight but the fire inside of me that had been slowly smouldering for years was now re-lit & now I am on a mission to explore the greater side of training to work in the Stunt Industry!  Watch this space…

J x

With Australian Stunt Academy’s Colin Handley & Timmy Frost

With Australian Stunt Academy’s Colin Handley & Timmy Frost